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Why SEO generates positive ROI

Many SEO companies get a bad name not because they don’t know what they are doing, but because they are too scared to tell a client they won’t see instant results.

When you sign up for SEO services, you don’t necessarily need to be locked in an iron-clad contract. However, you need to know what you’re signing up for – a long-term commitment that will pay you back multiple times.

We give our SEO quotes in one big scary annual number and indicate you can pay it monthly. Why? Because we’re not afraid of having a conversation about the value that an SEO campaign will bring a company over the long-term.

If you plan on being in business over the next five years, and SEO strategy offers the best ROI you will ever get. Better than direct mail, better than AdWords, better than social media and even more stable than referrals.

However, it is un-nerving to put out money and not see what you are getting. Here is where most SEO companies fall down as well. In the first part of an SEO campaign, you are paying for activity on the part of the agency. This is where they spend their time setting things up, and doing research on what “will” work, instead of just starting “stuff” (we see this all the time and it makes us sad).

There is a lot of nerd math taking place at this point and it assures that we will still be friends and working together for a long time.

For some of our larger engagements, we even have a roadmap that we actually produce that shows how much SEO will cost, when you will start to see positive ROI based on your sales and margins  and how much profit you will make in years 1,2, and 3. Yes, you can actually get a report that tells you exactly what you will need to make money and how much you will make, all before spending a dime on an actual SEO campaign.

These are great because you can actually include them in a business plan and build a case for investment in your company based on returns.

These are 6-8 week projects and they are not cheap nor free but can really give you a solid case for spending or revising things to make sure you are profitable.

We used to do these on a contingency basis so you didn’t have to pay until you got financing. However, as with many things, people can be interesting. Our last “contingency” roadmap let us with an email stating that they didn’t get financing and thanks anyway. About 6 months later at a charity auction we saw the investor who was very excited about our plan and had given that company 12 million dollars. She wasn’t happy when we told her we never engaged.

We love helping clients make money with SEO and we also do a lot of “repairing trust” with SEO because past companies have burned people. If you would like a free strategy session of how SEO could work for you, we would love to help. We’ll give you some ideas and see if SEO might be a good strategy for you!

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