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Get More Customers with a Simple Story


Want better customers? Then tell a better story.

No, not about you. You don’t have to tell everyone about that embarrassing thing in fourth grade at school.

Tell a story about the customer you really want.

This story can be written or a video.

Tell a story about your ideal customers’ journey from problems and pain to a better life and how your service or product helped them get there. This story has to be about THEM.

It’s not a generic story about an “any person with similar problems” “Sally” who had their air conditioner break them and then you fixed and then Sally was happy and then end of story please call us to book an appointment.

No, these won’t work and you will wonder why it didn’t.

Why Generic Stories Suck

Because we love ourselves and we want to be acknowledged. Reading a story or watching a video should cue emotions, trigger memories and give us a “that’s me” tap on the shoulder.

We might not even be able to explain why this resonates with us, but it does. A great story engages.

You have to REALLY know your best customers. You have to know why they really called you specifically and chose to do business with you. You have had to have conversations with them about it after the job you did for them is done and not an emailed survey.

You also have to know what kind of customers you actually want more of, so you can duplicate the message that resonates with them.


How Do You Make A Compelling Story?

There are a few elements to a good story and one of them is being specific without being specific. WTF, right?

It’s kind of like a horoscope in that there are general elements that are specific enough that you can have a prospect say, “oh, they are talking to me”…


Within different groups of people, pain points are usually the same.

Just remember, the pain is what THEY are feeling BEFORE your solution, not how your features will make their lives better, you are not there yet. You need to get their attention. These are not general demographics like; white people making 100,000 a year that live in Miami Beach (that’s just a mail list).

General pain: Feelings of not being heard. Lack of community. Lack of perceived prospects.

Specific pain: Lack of access to credit. Lack of money. Need for better food, clothing, shelter.

The Most Specific Pain: What problem do you solve for people? They are too hot-AC repair. They are having legal problems-Attorney. They need are wet – plumber or roof repair! They want to be perceived as successful-a new expensive watch.

Pain points should be specific enough that they can be on video. What were your customers doing right before they called you (yes, this should be a question you ask them)? What did they do after you solved their pain? This might look like sitting on a bed crying transformed to playing with their kids on the beach at your resort.

My agency asks new clients customers questions to find these pain vignettes. This resonates so much differently with targets than a sheet with benefits on it you push on prospects.

Everyone Needs A Villain

It’s not your fault you don’t have customers lined up at your door.

There, you just relaxed a little didn’t you? When things are outside your control, you can separate yourself from the pain your situation is causing.

Politics (no matter what side you are on) show that if you can create a force that your service or product  can “overcome”, you can help take pain away.

“It’s not your fault, it’s the big banks that want to keep your money”. “It’s not your fault, it’s the corporations that don’t want you to make more money”. And, so on.

People don’t want to hear they are lazy, or reminded they made bad decisions, or don’t eat right. They already know this in their heart and are going to great lengths to protect themselves from feeling pain. They want to save face, then use whatever you offer to fix their pain and let them pretend the history is different.

It’s your job to make your story bring up the pain, make them feel it, but offer them a fast escape.


Real World Example

Let’s say you sell education. You want to target workers who graduated high school at least 2 years ago who are working full time and who are single. The people you are looking for are not happy with their life but are not very motivated and could be categorized as “wanters” of better but lacking action taking.

Here’s an example of a story for a school that created the highest enrollment semester in the history of their school.

It’s Tuesday and you just got home from a long day of not being appreciated. You commute hours out of your day just to get to work and back but nobody cares. You eat what you have in the freezer or some carboard box box for dinner, but if you had the choice you would be eating better. Some days are better than others, but you still feel trapped in this life. You sometimes even wonder if you even deserve a better life like you see all over the place, nice cars, better living, not struggling with money…

It’s not your fault! Even with unemployment at it’s lowest rates in decades, companies are still pushing the same lie “you are lucky to have this job”. Corporations are pushing legislators to make it harder to afford to go back to school full time.

What if you could get paid to do something you liked doing? What if there was an easy way to change your life. What if you didn’t have to give up the things you actually do like about your life while you do it? What if you could afford to do it no matter what you make now?

Call xxx-xxx-xxxx right now and start the easy three step process to getting the job you want and having the money that gives you the freedom to do what you want, live where you want, and get the respect you deserve from the world.


Sort of negative? Yes, only to start. Remember, this could be a commercial showing the successful things that a person did after their pain stopped.

Find a story, make it about the customer. Make it about helping your customers stop the pain. Make them happy.

If you want help writing your story, contact us and we can help or answer questions about storytelling, especially with video.



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